Wednesday, 20 May 2009

John Horsfall

Get well soon John. I hope you have taken your vice?
Nik & Jen Wright

More new patterns

Rock n roller ,glo bead poxyback Hares ear, yellow mico ally, gummy nymphs & bonefish bitters.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Terry Ruane.

We will be show casing some of Terry's work soon don't miss it. The flies are between 11 & 15 years old but look just as radical today as they did when they were first sent to me.

A chance to see our besoke service in action

This is a Teal & silver (Nix) star lite fly.
Garry Maclean, ask for this fly to be produced with a Star lite, also the Peter Ross (Nix).
They look good.

We email Garry to get the seal of approval first.

The finished Teal & Silver with the star lite.

New flies added

We have just added some rather good looking Eumer tube flies on web site
Stincher monkey
Monster monkey

6000 people

This is how many people have been to our web site site since December 08. Thank you to all that have ordered & to thoose who are going to in the future.

Wiggle Minnows

Would you like to see a couple more designs of the wiggle minnow. We are working on the Rainbow & a white one. Please responed.