Saturday, 27 June 2009


Mr John Cranfields part order.
We emailed him to see if that was
what he was looking for first, before we sent them. JC " can not wait to see them for real they look great"

Friday, 26 June 2009

And the eyes have it

Winging there way to me now are these great adhesive eyes.
Gator eyes look so real my wife thought I was embarking on a taxidermy job.
They will be avaliable in 4mm,5mm & 7mm Also in different colour combos too.
£1.99 for a pkt of 16

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Our new Trout & Salmon Advert

DC's new advert for August issue 2009 of Trout & Salmon magazine.
Designed by Nick Wright.
Photography by Dave Wiltshire.

And the winner is

Marc Fauvet, in guessing our Swedish acquisition.
A set of DC flies are on their way.
Nik Wright

Monday, 22 June 2009

Umberella hooks

Deer Creek has just recived new packaging for the umbrella hooks.
I think they look cool, I hope you do too.

Game fair

I will be their on Saturday giving out portfolios and free flies.
To find me I will be wearing a white Deer Creek T shirt and Real tree cap.
See you their

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Visit Sexyloops for the fly auction;f=25;t=10879
Click on this link to view some of the flies DC sent to Andy.

Fat Albert

My Grandfather knew a fat Albert but that's a different story.
I am getting rusty missed several nice big bows on Llyn Brenig today on a fat Albert.
They where slapping at it, trying to drown it.
I also lost a good fish on John Horsfall skinny damsel.
Which I gave the knot sense treatment too, which gave it a great looking head.
Met a nice guy on the Breing and gave him some flies.
If you ever fish their when I am their you will always get free samples, I am too kind.
Just finished my interview with Andy Barid.
I felt like I was on Question time, felt tongue tied and nervous. I hope you stay awake mate.
I wont wish you good luck as you wont need it.
I hope Mr RC joins. That will be a great addition for DC.
Great interview, great charity, person and loved the T shirt too.

Welcome on board Niklas Dalhin

My name is Niklas Dahlin, I was born in the early 70's. I live together with my fiance and two children in Storvreta, Sweeden. I Work as a sales manager in the used cars business.

The flies i like too tie most, & closest to my heart are classic Catskill dry flies such as the Quill Gordon and Red Quill. I love the feeling of using a classic dry fly that I have read about and then tied. Doing that makes me feel like I have stepped back in time, as if I am standing in the creek with Mr Theoddore Gordon himself.

I attended the Bffi in 2008 and must say that I am really looking forward to see all of you again this year. This years fair I will be demonstrating how to tie a couple of different Catskill dry flies and some other quill-bodied flies. Also my Deer Creek patterns. A selection of my flies are displayed at