Saturday, 30 May 2009

New Scandinavian tube fly

The Sunray tube fly has had the Deer Creek treatment.
tied on a light weight aluminium tube and measuring approx 7'' long.
Under wing white Arctic fox & cromo fibre dna.
Wing of Black goat and peacock herl.

All this for £2.29

Eumer Tube flies

I have spent all week tying tube flies, they have gone mad I can not keep up, Olli at Eumer carn't neither. The best selling Tube flies are my Stincher monkey & Olli's Shrimper.

Research & development

Last bank holiday Monday I took time out to fish my local small water. Armed with only flies from our design team I had no option to use them. Missed two fish on a Carl Pennington Dry attractor, hooked three fish on a Damsel by John Horsfall & lost two fish on a Dave Wiltshire creation. So all in all not a bad days fishing, especially as I am not a great fisherman (fly tyer maybe).
Quote from Tommy Dewar. Fish stimulates the brain, but fishing stimulates the imagination.