Saturday, 12 September 2009

Greece where my heart is.

My Grandmother was Greek. My Grandad met her during the second world war (he was in the R.A.F.). She was, as all Greek Grandmothers (Yia Yia) was and are all over the world, the hub and king pin of the family.
She kept us all together and was the boss.
This is why I HAVE STRONG feelings towards Greece and the Greek people.
Tolis has a fly fishing web site an we met on the Hatches fly tying forum.
This is his site.
Some of it is in English.
Leave him some comments and lets help him all we can, to make Greece and the Greek fly fishing fraternity up to speed with all the latest fly tying and fly fishing knowledge.
This especially goes out to my design team.

Sedge hogs for St John at Rumbling Bridge

Customers like and catch trout and salmon with flies which we don't sell.
At this juncture in time we only carry a few patterns.
Special patterns new patterns and creative patterns yes.
From time to time we get asked to tie mundane flies which we will never
(never say never Nick) sell.
These black pennel variants and sedge hogs are those flies.
When you see the quality of the original (Kenyan as it uses monkey fur and
not deer hair) they are very poor. but you pay peanuts and you get monkeys
St John was very pleased with his new flies.
But worried that after been told about the monkey fur (baboon) he thinks that the fly might
worked because it might have shown its arse to induce to take the fly.
When I see poorly tied flies, tied for money and not because of skill or craft, it gets my goat up.
Why!!!!!!!! We love are craft here at deer creek and it is a craft.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Bjorn Honstad flies for his Salmon trip.

One more revamp for you Bjorn

Trout everywhere are locked onto fry.

This is a prototype perch fry pattern for big fish.
Leave your email address if you would like some tied up.