Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Niklas Dahlin

We have just had our master batch of flies from Nik.
Hi Nik I know your watch'in there realy great.
I need the instructions via email though?
Welcome on board.

Pike alert

Coming very soon the ultimate in Pike flies.
Hand tied to our world class standards, for one of the best tying house's in the world.
Revolutionary Pike and Muskie flies. We were asked by a customer to design a Pike fly built on the same principal as our lures - with life-like action and durability. The result is, we're proud to say, the strongest tied fly available on the market for Pike and Muskie, available in 4 different colours in size 3/0. The realistic synthetic hair is locally made polypropylene craft fur which is "locked" in twisted wire. The twist alone makes it nearly indestructible, but the hair is then wound on the shank and glued down with strong resin to add even more strength.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Game fair

It was a lovely day weather wise and very busy. Their where a couple of people fly tying at the fair but a still tongue keeps a wise head I could hear my Dad saying in my own head.
Spoke to Derek Turner who is a fly casting instructor and all round nice guy.
I gave him some portfolios to give out to people who wanted a fly casting lesson. There were 2 free flies attached too.
All in all a good day out apart from my Granddads mobility scooter dying on us. I had to push him all the way back to the car park, and take him back home & come back again huuuhhhffff.
Dereks link