Saturday, 6 June 2009

Here it is DC Iceman Rainbow

Thanks Greg for your great pattern.
This first in a range of Greg Senyo's Ice minnows is one for the lake men.
A rainbow fry.

My Dam buster damsel

This damsel has it all. We apologise now for great sport with this fly.
With a vibro collar & tungsten bead , with a kick'n tail too. Your fly box's looks bare with out one.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Dee River Lantern

This sea trout fly has been a fly on my leader for over 14 years.
It's based on the Dean River Lantern Terry Ruane showed me.
I used to tie it with a glo plastic bead and lead the hook shank.
A few days ago I gave it a re vamp & swapped out the plastic bead with Eumers tungsten Glo bead 3.3mm. This tied on a Partridge Bartllet size 8 hook is a winning combo. Tight lines.
You can also choose what colour you want the tail to be too, I am too generous....

Monday, 1 June 2009

Deer Creek Kripple by Andrew Baird

One of Andrews Signature Designs for next season.
Hook: TMV 200R #20
Thread: Sheer 14/0
Shuck: Niche Shuck Yarn
Tailing: Olive microfibbets, curled between thumb and forefinger
Rib: Uni-mylar pearl #16
Abdomen: Natural turkey biot (hard as nails applied before wrapping)
Wings: Blend of white and grey (with a few strands of black) Niche siliconised poly yarn
Thorax: Fly-rite #10 (BWO)
What a great looking fly their Andrew. I can not wait to see your next design. (Nik Wright)

How to tie Nix DNA Shrimp

Just pictures Hook Tiemco saltwater size 4 Thread Clear mono Feelers teal & pearl polar flash
Claws Stripped & cut badger hackles Legs Shrimp frosty fish fibre DNA Eyes Pink larva lace Shell back Shrimp frosty fish fibre DNA Epoxy over shell back & fine point permanent marker.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Greg Senyo

These have been catching Steel head for the past few seasons.
If they work on Steel head they will work on Salmon too, especially are Scandinavian cousins.
Coming soon to Deer Creek are a range of these great flies.

Nine beauties

These are an order for Timothy in Hampshire
Don't they look great.
It's a shame Ive smoked all them herfs!


New in stock our hands free no gimmick powerful LED light cap.
Knots & tangles conquered hands Free, without looking stupid to boot.
Real tree design looks no different to our original design.

Design a Eumer tube fly

This is your chance to vote for a service we here at Deer Creek think is a great idea.
We will leave it to our band of followers to decided which way we should go with this crazy idea.
This service will have limitations though.
All tubes will be crawfish tubes or cone head tubes.
You will be able to select the colour you wish the body to be.
Wings colour will be an option.
Also you can choose between cone head and monster cone.