Wednesday, 26 September 2012

From The Vice

I have been tying out of my comfort zone the past few weeks and thought you would like to have a look a whats been coming off the vise.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hot new product on site 
Deer Creek 18 inch dubbing brushes

Sunday, 5 August 2012


We have all been down this road before I hear you cry. 
Artificial Jungle cock they looked great in the shop. 
Then you take them home, and that's when you realized you wasted your money. 
The material they where printed on is to thick. You tie them in and they look bad and the make the head of your fly to big. Then you fish with them, and they curl and loose there colours, or start to separate as they have been laminated. 
Printed on indestructible water proof artificial paper compound  (like the Australian bank notes). The best waterproof inks and resins used in their construction. Hundreds of blades used in there manufacture, as the paper is so strong. Tapered like the real thing, (better than the real thing) A nice cape costs £40-£60 you would be lucky to get 80 good feathers. 60 PRO HD JCE for £7.99
No split feathers (nails).
No hunting around the cape to find a matched pair.
No bad dyed jobs.
No birds killed.
No CITIES certificates needed to sell or buy.
No waste sizes, buy the size you need in the colours you want.
From Trout to Pike all the sizes and colours you will ever need.
Pre cut just trim the top and bottoms.
Spot gloss resin on the coloured part of the feather.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sand eel FISHEADZ are on site

A quick tie to show you the new Fisheadz
I am sure you guys will tie ones a lot better

Monday, 23 July 2012

Its been a while since our last blog but we have not been sitting on our laurels.
We have a new flex resin, a new fly reel, new Fisheadz and a new tying tool.
First the Resin his has been developed for us by a resin company to our own recipe.
You wont find this anywhere other than at
It is not a re-brand or stolen from another industry!!!!
5 months of R&D and flied trails mean you wont be disappointed.
As with all flexible resins they do require slightly longer cure times 10 seconds to total tack free.
Its just the way they are made, but trust us, you wont need any alcohol wipes or coatings with this resin. RRP £13.89
 Also watch out for our new Diamond crystal  Nano dust versions too!

Our new fly reel is machine billet aluminium Large Arbor extra spool and all finished in a black nickel finish. Made for us by a reparable manufacture. Available in 5-6# and 7-9# And at a great price £49.99.
 Fisheadz exploded onto the scene in May and have been a great success, but we where a bit naughty, we held back our top trump because we did not like the final product.
So with a lot of soul searching and meetings with ink companies we have now ( today started to print them.) Our sand eel Fisheadz our sold in 10's and the sizes are 4.5mm x 15mm 6mm x 20mm
9mm x 25mm and tarpon and piketastic 11mm x 30mm. and priced £2.49, £2.69, £2.79 and £2.99.
With the development of our printing machine and the advancements in translucent inks allowing us to print white for the first time giving a more natural look to this Fisheadz.

Finally but not last Hair packing tool from Pat Cohen 
So here it is...the secret weapon...the deer hair packer that I designed and demoed with at the shows last year. It is Proudly made in the USA..Pack the tightest bass bugs you can...The SF Fugly Packer..."Packing them tight since 2011"
 We can not promises you flies will be as good as the hair mister 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Deer Creek are running a competition Winner takes a £200 worth of fly tying materials Design a fly using out new FISHEADZ email us the image or post on our deer creek Facebook page

Saturday, 28 April 2012


We have been developing these for over 5 months and they now are on our site.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Whats new at Deer Creek

New Diamond Fine UV resin is now in stock
Thinner so its great for Salmon fly heads and buzzers too.
UV enhancer varnish gives off a blue uv glow
Full circle pike sport hooks Japanese full carbon steel black nickle finish and chemically sharpened.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Bears Den

Bears Den and Fowkes Backcountry outfitters are our first two US fly shops to stock Deer Creek products

Monday, 20 February 2012

Pro tube system and Davie McPhail

We at Deer Creek are proud to be UK and Ireland distributors and stockist of the Pro sporting brand.
Its been a while since our last post and we are starting to get new patterns ready for the new season.
Davie McPhail has used Diamond hard tack free UV resin and recommends it too.
That's got to be best the seal of approval this side of the pond!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New World first UV laser diode PRO KIT

The main advantages of the laser cured resin is cure time and the depth of resin the laser can penetrate. This means you can really pile this resin on which is great when making flies like surf candies etc. and still have the piece of mind it will cure quickly and tack free!!

Unlike other top resins (which shall remain nameless) this new product dries hard and totally tack free in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds (depending on depth of resin).

The laser itself has been designed with a specific wavelength for curing resins of this type and is very economical to run as it takes standard aaa batteries.

The kits will retail at £29.99 making them the best value for money pro kit around.

For more details visit deer creeks website