Sunday, 16 August 2009

New fly lands 4 brown trout and 2 rainbows at Llyn Brenig

A very wind day at Llyn Breing, I am not the best of fly fishermen and I hate the wind.
As I was our 6th wedding anniversary and my wife gave up her day for me to fish I thought it only right to persevere.
The water was very coloured and I was only armed with next seasons flies.
I make it more difficult for my self.
The only fly I had in the collection which I thought was suitable was a Yellow Shiner.
A heavy fellow with marabou and epoxy.
The water had fallen about 6 to 7 feet since the last time I visited over 2 months ago.
Where does all the rain go cause we have had plenty.
So have any of you had a epoxy fly hit you on the ass, I did and it F**king hurt!!!!!!
As the lake was so low islands appear out from the deep and form mini rivers and this is were
I picked up my fish.
So the crazy yellow shiner works very well, even better if I had a 8-9 wt rod to cast it and not a 6 wt 9ft Orvis.
The biggest brown was about 14 inches long and the biggest bow was about 3 and half lb.

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