Monday, 22 February 2010

New products comming soon.

My Friend from Norway Bjorn is a Leeds United supporter (very sad man) and a few months ago he asked me to tie a Leeds coloured Salmon fly, so with the new Pro tube system here it is.
Pro tube system.
When we started designing the Pro Tubefly System™ one thing was clear from the beginning. If we were to move forward and develop an innovative hi tech tube system, we had to leave the old way of thinking regarding extruded tubing. Anybody can buy tubing on big bulk spools in Asia and sell it in 1 meter pieces at extreme prices, and this has up until now been the only option. The answer was injection moulded tubes, and this opened up a whole new world of possibilities regarding design and optimization of tube construction. In 2007 the first mould was finished and now we really found out why it was never done before. How could something that looked so simple, be so hard to manufacture? It took several moulds and more than 2 years of struggle to solve the technical problems in making such a long thin tube, but finally we managed to make the ultimate tubesystem. The Pro Flexitube System™, a series of 4 tubes in different lengths and with a specially designed weight system which allow you to weigh the body of the fly without increasing the diameter of the body. We also added a small Pro Microtube™ series with uniquely designed weights to accommodate the new Scandinavian “short body” style of flies.

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