Saturday, 23 July 2011

Clear Strong and Tough Diamond Hard resin pro kit plus

With over two years in development Deer Creek brings you a
UV RESIN PRO KITat a very competitive price.
Optically clear, with great adhesion qualities, as hard as a 5 minute two pack epoxy, but cures in 3 seconds.
Best of all it's TACK FREE. All this for £29.99....


  1. Great Stuff, Highly recommend it

  2. can you use any uv torch? i have a 21 led one at the moment , will this set the resin ?

  3. For a £20 spend it's not worth the risk
    We have tested 10s of torches some which look identical and they don't work
    It's up to you if you choose to buy the resin alone
    We would happily sell you a torch at the kit price if it does not work

  4. thanks, i'll get back to you nickolaset back into the pike fly mood !