Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fat Albert

My Grandfather knew a fat Albert but that's a different story.
I am getting rusty missed several nice big bows on Llyn Brenig today on a fat Albert.
They where slapping at it, trying to drown it.
I also lost a good fish on John Horsfall skinny damsel.
Which I gave the knot sense treatment too, which gave it a great looking head.
Met a nice guy on the Breing and gave him some flies.
If you ever fish their when I am their you will always get free samples, I am too kind.
Just finished my interview with Andy Barid.
I felt like I was on Question time, felt tongue tied and nervous. I hope you stay awake mate.
I wont wish you good luck as you wont need it.
I hope Mr RC joins. That will be a great addition for DC.
Great interview, great charity, person and loved the T shirt too.

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