Sunday, 21 June 2009

Welcome on board Niklas Dalhin

My name is Niklas Dahlin, I was born in the early 70's. I live together with my fiance and two children in Storvreta, Sweeden. I Work as a sales manager in the used cars business.

The flies i like too tie most, & closest to my heart are classic Catskill dry flies such as the Quill Gordon and Red Quill. I love the feeling of using a classic dry fly that I have read about and then tied. Doing that makes me feel like I have stepped back in time, as if I am standing in the creek with Mr Theoddore Gordon himself.

I attended the Bffi in 2008 and must say that I am really looking forward to see all of you again this year. This years fair I will be demonstrating how to tie a couple of different Catskill dry flies and some other quill-bodied flies. Also my Deer Creek patterns. A selection of my flies are displayed at

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